Our Action ToolKit  is designed to INFORM, INFLUENCE and BE SHARED. It includes:

  • Letter of Introduction on how to use this toolkit (page 1)

  • Same-Sex Marriage: What about the Rights of Children?
       + You can make a difference - contacting your M.P. (pages 2-3)

  • Emily - A Child's Perspective on Same-Sex Marriage (pages 4-5)

  • Report on the Family and the Rights of Children (France) (pages 6-7)

  • Petition on Marriage and Children's Rights
        + instructions on how to use the petition for presentation in Parliament (pages 8-9)

    Click HERE  to download ToolKit.

    You can print as many copies of these documents as you need.

  • Other marriage toolkits from: Vote Marriage Canada

  • Declaration B Children's Rights Children First
    8.5"x11"  in black 8.5"x11" in black 8.5"x11" in black
      8.5"x11" in colour 8.5"x11" in color
      17"x22" in black 17"x22" in black
      17"x22" in colour 17"x22" in colour
    Declaration A (Rights)    
    8.5"x11"  in black    


    • Try to multiply your efforts. Each poster should be seen by at least 10 people! Give some to friends so that they can also do the same.

    • Place some in your car. With a folded cardboard backing the car following you will be able to read the more important text.

    • Place some on a small table near the sidewalk in front of your home for people to pick up.

    • Deliver them to mailboxes in your neighbourhood.

    • Place them on public bulletin boards (get permission when required)

    • Use one as a small window or lawn sign (laminate it or use a sheet protector to keep it dry)

    • Keep one with you in case you meet someone who could use it.

    Please do not:

    • Mass distribute them on private property without permission (this would include inside stores and offices)

    • Distribute them on church property without first getting permission from the minister

    • Cause littering

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